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Came Back Haunted by merkero Came Back Haunted by merkero
The throat is deep and the mouth is wide
Saw some things on the other side
Made me promise to never tell
But you know me, I can't help myself

Now I've got something you have to see
They put something inside of me
The smile is red and its eyes are black
I don't think I'll be coming back

Nine Inch Nails
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gaborcsigas Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
A great shot that matches, in a weird way, the mood of the song. (Btw, what a brilliant return of NIN, my all-time favourite band. I love the new album. :horns: :nod: )
merkero Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Yeah, I love it, too. It's a little more electronic than the ones before, but why not. If someone can pull it off, it's Trent, right? ;P

Thank you, Gabor!
gaborcsigas Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Yep, it is, from a number of points, a return to the earlier (earliest), electronic periods, bearing a noticeable resemblance to Pretty Hate Machine (still one of his best albums.) Truth be told, while I did appreciate "The Slip" (his previous album), it's never grown on me. Neither have I found his work with his wife to my liking. But, fortunately, he's produced such a variety of music that makes easy to find something you like. (Being a fan of heavier music as well, in general, I have to say one of my fav NIN albums is "Broken", a distorted, guitar-heavy, yet also electronic piece... and "Fixed", its pair is brilliant as well.)

Err... I'll just stop rambling here because I've lost track of what I wanted to make of this. :D Sorry!

So, which is your fav NIN album?
merkero Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I agree! (sorry for answering this late, btw, but there are times when I log in this account only very rarely.) The Slip didn't really win me over, too.
I can't really say which one's my favorite yet. Hoping not to be sounding too silly, I have to admit that during my teenage years I didn't give Nine Inch Nails a chance. Same with TOOL. Can't explain why, but it was only until last year that I thought "how in the world did you miss these amazing musicians" and I started listening then. So I think I still am on a journey of discovery and I might have to find my favorites among their music yet. However, I love the downward spiral. Love its darkness.
gaborcsigas Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Don't worry about late answers. I'm pretty familiar with them as well. (My record is, I think, about 7 years (!!!), here on dA :D :D :D I felt very, very ashamed about that.)

I think that journey of discovery never really ends (for some, including myself, at least.) It might slow down, almost to a halt, from time to time, but then something happens, and it speeds up again, and there you go, a brand new kind of music (or other experience) you'd never have thought would get to you. My latest such turn was, I think, discovering about a year or two ago that there's a kind of dupstep, a dark, dark, slow thing that I like and that many claim to be the original dubstep (so very unlike the stuff Skrillex does, for example) -- which was quite a shock, as I came to consider my musical taste rather settled back then. (Here, give this group a listen, maybe you'll find them interesting as well:… )

As for TOOL, strange, but I like only a fragment of their work, a song or two from each of their albums. :-o

TDS rocks, definitely (even though I haven't been listening to it for ages, because I practically know it by heart by now. :D )
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